Royal Canin x Sassy Lola the Yorkie

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Royal Canin for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yorkies are very intelligent, quick learners and a great ‘guard’ dog, as they are quick to announce when a stranger enters your home.  They’re a lover for comfort and love snuggling on laps, pillows & blankets.  They love to dart after birds, balls & butterflies.  When we decided to get a dog, I knew I needed a dog that was small, hypoallergenic and calm, even though Tiago wanted a big dog.  Although Yorkies are known to be energetic and more of a yappy dog, Lola is quite the opposite, but she’s intelligent, picking up on tricks easily, she’s a great guard dog especially when she doesn’t want you in our home, and she’s a huge lover for snuggling with us or in her blankets.

Lola is what everyone likes to call sassy and Ms. Independent.  At times Lola loves to be in her own little world with no one or no dog disturbing her or her territory.  She gives us the most love anyone can give, especially when we get home or are sick or just relaxing, she loves to snuggle with us giving us or anyone she loves tons of kisses.   Anyone who comes across Lola can see she’s timid and shy.  When we take her out shopping she’ll fall asleep in my purse or buries her little face in my arms.  You can find Lola at our feet when we’re cooking or eating hoping that one little piece of food will drop.  Her favourite tricks are sit, high five & kiss.

Yorkies coats are very important, as they need to be silky and smooth.  Royal Canin is known for maintaining the health of the Yorkshire Terrier’s coat as it’s enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, and this helps keep the natural softness of Lola’s hair. Those who own Yorkies know they have dental problems and we’ve been very lucky that Lola hasn’t had any issues with her teeth. We strongly believe that is because the Royal Canin kibble is developed to make it easy for them to pick up, encourages chewing and is made with nutritional ingredients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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