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wedding planning 101 - The CC Edit

So over the past few months many of you have been messaging and asking me when is the big day? And the answer is…drumroll please…we haven’t set a date!  There is not a huge rush plus we want to make sure that both of us are on the same page with all the ideas and planning. The most stressful thing about diving in and booking venues and photographers and hair & make up is that as a couple you have no idea where to start! So here is my Wedding Planning 101 advise.

While most of you opt to hire a wedding planner, I’ve decided to take on and do most of the planning on my own.  You’re all probably sitting there laughing, but the 2 things that Tiago & I have agreed upon is location & very small wedding, so I have a feeling I can manage it with my crazy schedule already!

wedding planning 101 - The CC Edit

You got engaged, you’ve drooled over the ring & now what are the first steps to take to plan a wedding??

  • Budget $$ – This is important to plan out how you are going to spend the money
  • Location, location, location
    • If you’re deciding on a local wedding, find venues that appeal to the budget & taste of both you & your partner (DON’T LEAVE THEM OUT it is also their day)
    • If you’re deciding on a destination wedding find a common ground where you feel most comfortable having a wedding.  Tiago & I have chosen Portugal as our wedding location.
  • What style of wedding do you want? – BBQ/Backyard, Beachfront, Formal attire
  • Wedding Size
  • Wedding Date

wedding planning 101 - The CC Edit

Choosing your Wedding Party:

This part takes time. It’s your chance to propose to your bridesmaids. You want to make sure the bridesmaids & groomsmen are the ones who have always been there for you.   Do a fun thing or give them a gift when you ask them to help you walk down the aisle. Keep in mind these ladies or gents will dedicate a lot of their time to help you get ready for your big day!

Choosing your Wedding Date:

Don’t rush into picking a date because you feel that now you’re engaged you have to suddenly set a date. There is no rush, in the end marriage is a celebration of love with the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with, so if the two of you decide no big rush then don’t stress and worry what other people will think! You need to choose a season you both decide you want to get married in. Remember in the end this is both of your days and the people who want to join you in celebration will.

Choosing the Guest List:

Before choosing a venue, you need to draft a guest list so you have an idea of numbers.  For instance, if you already have a specific venue in mind it may not be able to accommodate the number of people you and your partner are planning on having. For me it is important that at my wedding I spend quality time for the ones I love dearly and who have been there for me and Tiago, then those who have been there in passing. Keep in mind the more guests you invite the higher your budget must be.

Choosing the Style of Wedding:

Pinterest has been my main inspo for all things wedding, however when you start to get lost in Pinterest it can make your mind go all different directions.  Pick a theme…stick to it.

The most important part about planning a wedding is still spending quality time with your partner.  Remember that not every date night or conversation has to be about the wedding. Do fun things with them, because after that one big day you there are days and weeks and months and years after that.

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