New Blog….New Me

New blog…new me.  Over the past year I have been really stuck in a rut. I kept asking myself do I continue with The Style Mogul a blog I started with such passion and dedication, which then after several years became a drag for me to post on OR do I start something fresh and new and retire TSM?  After a long hard decision, I decided to retire TSM and start The CC Edit.  I was finding myself with The Style Mogul, figuring out what is best to post about, what I loved to write about other then fashion. I realized that there was too much clutter on The Style Mogul and it was going in the wrong direction.  The CC Edit will still focus on Fashion/Beauty/Travel, but will also focus more on my personal life and struggles. I wanted a name that was fresh and new, that literally represented me, which is why I decided to go with CC (Christina Cravero).

Don’t get me wrong, my blog is still my hobby and not my full time job. When I started The Style Mogul, I wanted it to be full of things that inspired me that made me so happy to post about, but after several years of writing about the same stuff over and over again I realized that I lost that flame that burned inside of me. I realized that I could continue on this path of posting every couple of months OR I could revamp and rebrand giving me new life and new inspiration.

Revamping and rebranding can be completely scary, especially if you rely on your blog as your income.  Luckily for me I don’t, with a full time job and a hobby that earns me extra cash, I am happy with where I am, I just wanted something that was more personal.  Back in the early stages of blogging it was all about a creative name…god forbid you use your real name as your URL! But these days, its fashionably acceptable to use your full name, which is the route I always wanted to do when I started, but was scared of the backlash I would get if I did.

Why call it The CC Edit, because I realized that it will be an editorial on me: my fashion style, my beauty regime, my travel, my wedding and my personal life.  I don’t have to hid behind a name or a screen, I can become completely real with all of you on my ups and downs.  Stay tuned for more!


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