We’re EXPECTING! – First Trimester

This post is so overdue since I’m halfway through my pregnancy….yes I am almost 20 weeks preggers! So SURPRISE! We’re expecting our first child November 2019!! When I say surprise, it was such a surprise to us. Keeping this a secret from everyone was so difficult! All we wanted to do was share the news and excitement.

Most of you have been asking me a ton of questions via Instagram and in person that it’s only best that I answer most of your questions here!

One of the most popular questions we get is how we found out. Finding out was crazy. The only reason we decided to buy tests was because I felt like something was totally off, I was super tired all the time and my skin was breaking out like crazy, which is not normal at all, and every time I stretched, I felt a weird feeling in my stomach. When the test came back YES, Positive, 1-2 weeks we thought we were dreaming and that the tests were wrong! We always talked about having kids but figured we wanted to move in to the new home, enjoy one more year of travel and then start trying. Even though a baby wasn’t in our plans, I believe we are blessed and all we want is a healthy baby and for us to be such a great support system to this little peanut!

A lot of you ask me if I was sick. Answer is nope! I guess I was one of the lucky ones. My only symptoms as mentioned above, was how being extremely tired & my skin was breaking out like crazy, which sometimes made me forget I was pregnant or felt like the doctor and tests all lied to me because I really didn’t feel anything. I did hear that a lot of the time you mimic your mother’s symptoms, and my mom for both pregnancies didn’t have any symptoms.

Most famous question: What are my cravings! I’m kind of confused on these craving situations because literally one of my only cravings was lemon water for the first 5-6 weeks. I literally drank 2 lemons a day it was crazy, and after a bit I really enjoyed a McDonald’s Apple Pie as a treat. I am really focused on eating normally, which is relatively healthy. I spend a lot of time before bed researching what is the best things to eat for baby peanut, because all we want is a healthy baby.

The last question we get very often is, will we be finding out the gender, and what do we want. Yes loves we will find out the gender, because I need to plan in advance, plus it gives me anxiety not knowing. I’ve always dreamed about a little mini me! First off I am not sure how I will be with a boy or what to even do with a boy, but if it happens to turn out to be a boy I will still be happy! Tiago on the other hand would love a little mini him but if it happened to be a little girl he would be thrilled nonetheless.


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  1. Sarah
    June 15, 2019 / 6:28 pm

    I’m so excited for you guys! Can’t wait to find out what you’re having too. I had absolutely zero sickness with Eva and then with Aurea the worst sickness ever for the first trimester, and then even some random days for the rest of the pregnancy – so seems it’s even different for each pregnancy!! X

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