Married Life: 1 Year Anniversary – Do things Change?

I cannot believe 1 year has passed since Tiago & I said ‘I do’. Every time I think of our wedding day I cry. There was something so magical and special about that day. There was such a calming effect, although I was probably a full on stress ball. August 3 will forever be a special date. Tiago and I have known each other since 2008 and have lived together for 8 years. There is nothing wrong if you and your fiancĂ© haven’t lived together before you tie the knot, but for us it was important to know each others flaws. You really learn about your partner when living with them. Of course there are ups and downs to every relationship, but it’s how you are able to work on those differences that will help build the relationship and make it even stronger. You want to be with someone for life and you want them to be there through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Putting it on paper change only one thing…everything is now ‘shared’. From bank accounts to making life changing decisions together. Marriage has allowed us to grow and mature into who we are today and I can’t wait to continue growing with him.


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