Our Birth Story

Hey loves! It’s been over 2 months since baby Aria Bella was born and it has taken me this long to sit down and write about our birth story.

I had probably the easiest pregnancy, in terms of sickness and pain. My only major complication was at the 34th week ultrasound, we found out that she was in a Frank’s Breech position, basically she was in a ‘V’ position! I read that this breech is one of the hardest ones to get the baby to flip. So my OB scheduled a C-Section for October 31. I knew deep down inside that a c-section was not the way I wanted our birth story to end. I did a lot of research and chats with friends who have had breeched babies, I found that acupuncture was going to be the best chance I had at flipping baby Aria back into the right position! I did acupuncture & moxibustion for a week straight and at my 37 week ultrasound I got the best news – she flipped back to the right position! Hurray! My Halloween c-section was cancelled and it became a game of sitting duck.

The morning of November 5 was somewhat of a blur for me. I woke up not feeling the best. I had a massive headache and my jaw was killing me, as if I had been grinding my teeth all night. I even remember turning to Tiago and saying I really don’t feel well. Anyway, I went on my regular morning routine – made my bowl of oatmeal and got my morning fix of coffee. Got dressed and ready for our 40 week appointment with our OB and even did a little work. I waited for Tiago to pick me up and off we went to find out when I was being induced. I remember even being asked if we should bring our hospital stuff, but I quickly said no, this is to find out a date nothing more then that! Well was I ever wrong!

I walked into the OB office and they checked my weight and blood pressure. Within 5 minutes I was told to go straight to labour and delivery and hospital had already been notified I was on my way. I started laughing and thinking is this a joke I am not ready, I didn’t bring my bags, I didn’t feed my dog I had work I needed to finish. I was in pure shock. They explained to me that I had pre-eclampsia and there was no time to wait I had to get to the hospital immediately. Off I go.

November 6 7:45am, a day after being hooked up to machines, poked in both arms for blood, being told I am closed up like an avocado from Costco they induce labour starting with a gel. By 9:30am I am already 2.5cm dilated with contractions coming every 5 seconds. Walking up and down the hallway is literally excruciating. 10:30am I am in my delivery room getting the epidural. From that moment forward I was so comfortable, I was dilating so fast they thought I was going to have the first baby of the day. With my blood pressure still extremely high, they up my dosage of medicine and break my waters. At 7cm dilated we find out more obstacles Aria and I are about to encounter. She had MAS (meconium aspiration syndrome), in English Aria was pooping while still in the womb and at 8.5cm dilated, my girl flips again into a transverse breech! Now everyone is on standby for an emergency c-section but they hold off because they believe she could flip again back into position and sure enough she flipped back into position at 9.5cm. At this point all the nurses were calling her a prankster!

It’s approaching midnight and baby Aria has yet to make her appearance. I’m hungry, tired and ready to meet our little one. I obviously was not the first to have a baby on November 6 but maybe I’d be the first to have one on the 7. After so many hours of pushing I gave up. For me to literally give up was heartbreaking for me but I had nothing more to give. Aria was stuck in my pelvis and no matter how much I pushed she just wasn’t coming. Now Plan B was in play…the vacuum. At 2:57am on November 7, 2019 we welcomed Aria Bella to the world and our lives and hearts changed forever.


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