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New Blog….New Me

New blog…new me.  Over the past year I have been really stuck in a rut. I kept asking myself do I continue with The Style Mogul a blog I started with such passion and dedication, which then after several years…


My Top 3 Self Tanners

Over the past few years I have tested out numerous self tanners – and let’s be real not all of them have you looking sun kissed! You all ask me how I keep my summer tan going for so long…well…


Our Engagement Photos

Sharing our engagement photos makes me so happy!  Over the past couple of months I have been sharing a few sneak peeks of our engagement photos on Instagram. For those who don’t know, Fotolux is our photographer for our wedding,…


Travel Guide: Ottawa

Hey babes! A few weeks ago my blogger bestie, Alex & I travelled to Ottawa to explore around! We both have never toured around Ottawa and it was a great place to visit for a short weekend road trip. This…


Wedding Florals Inspiration

Hey loves! Wedding florals play a major factor in your wedding! Similar to what they do in your home, florals will add character and bring life to a blank canvas!  Since our return from Portugal, Tiago & I have been…



Karl … Karl Lagerfeld is probably one of the most recognized fashion icons out there, which is why a graphic tee with his portrait on it is perfect for any fashionista! I realize that 2018 hasn’t been off to the…


Wedding Planning 101

So over the past few months many of you have been messaging and asking me when is the big day? And the answer is…drumroll please…we haven’t set a date!  There is not a huge rush plus we want to make…


Castle Walls

If these castle walls could talk I could just imagine the type of stories they would tell. When we went to Portugal we didn’t do much sightseeing because we really wanted to be focused on spending time with our family…


Travel Guide: The Grand Canyon

Las Vegas was such an amazing experience for such a quick trip! I had never been to Vegas before so I was one of those crazy tourists with a selfie stick in hand at all times snapping photos of literally…


Holiday Sparkle

Happy Tuesday!! It’s December and we’re in full on Holiday season! The glitz and glam is out and my house is covered in things that sparkle.  This means I must get my act together and start adding sparkle to my…


Royal Canin x Sassy Lola the Yorkie

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Royal Canin for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Yorkies are very intelligent, quick learners and a great ‘guard’ dog, as they are quick to announce when a stranger…


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